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blork -

Regarding how the media talks about Sleeman's, I suppose that shows the power of marketing. From the get-go, they always presented themselves as a cfaft brewer, and in the beginning I even believed it. But as time went on, and as they started doing deals with the big US brewers and buying up other small brewers, their ambitions became pretty clear.

Personally, I've always seen them as sort of a hybrid. Their brews are somewhat more interesting than the big domestics, but not as interesting as most of the small craft brewers. In other words, I see them as a big brewery that tries a little harder.

bob brosius -

Upper Canada Lager has been one of my favourites since UC was an independent Toronto brewery. The Okanagan Spring Premium Lager is pretty cool too, but you have to live out west to get it. Of late I've preferred Sleeman Premium Light.

While these and other Sleeman brands will likely survive the takeover, I am sad to see all of these formerly independent breweries swallowed up by another foreign company.

Lord M -

Why is sleeman almost $40 a case now?