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Justin -

I am a big fan of Porters as well but I must say that the Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter to the far left of your picture is by far the WORST porter I have ever consumed - one man's opinion.

Alan -

I will let you know if I agree. I have never had it.

Knut -

I find myself enjoying porters more and more, too.I am off to Gothenburg next week, for a few days of beer drinking with a bunch of guys at ratebeer. There will be a special tasting of Carnegie porters, as this has old traditions in Gothenburg. I'll see if I can make a report.

Andy -

Justin, I have to agree. Ottercreek Stovepipe Porter is absolutely terrible.

Alan -

Now I am really looking forward to this beer. But only 5% of BAers are with you guys.

Justin -

Alan, trust me when I say it is throw up in your mouth awful. It is the only beer I have ever not gone past 2 sips on. As a matter of fact I can't remember the last time I didn't finish a beer due to it's taste aside from the Otter Creek Porter.

Alan -

I do not doubt the strength of your experience but it differs radically from mine. I wonder sometimes whether perception of taste and the link to personal memory of an experience is a more powerful player in all this than we think.

Justin -

Alan, I must agree with you that if you renamed this beer smoked brown all would be happy. I would still dislike the taste but at least it wouldn't be called a porter. Cheers!

Alan -

Interesting. Let me go a step further. Do you like other smoked beers like that oily German one, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier? I thought I had a review around here but only our pal Chris's reference to it during a night out in Singapore.

Alan -

It's always over when the Swedish beer is poured.

Alan -

As noted by Knut, the NYT takes on porters>/a>.

Aaron -

Yes, this post is a tad old - but, I just came across it. Since I studied in Sweden for half a year - and since it was the country where I first discovered (real) beer, I thought I'd clarify the meaning of "starköl," in reference to the Carnegie Porter.
Starköl: stark=strong/öl=beer......so, "strong beer" - its beer over 3.5% abv in Sweden. For some context, go to the following link and the "Regulation and Taxation" section: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcoholic_beverages_in_Sweden