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Justin -

Do you know if I can get that in New York? I have never heard of it before but I would love to try it.

Alan -

Ummm...if you are in <i>Watertown</i> New York you can pop over the Canadian border and get some at the LCBO - that is about all I know. It is interesting to note that this particular beer does not appear listed on the brewer's site.

Thom -

This sounds like it might be good. I've been on a lambic kick lately, but I find that most of them are too sweet for my tastes, but then again I am an "acid drinking puritan".

Alan -

Hehe. I think you may want to beware, then, Thom. While this is not just fruit juice like some of the Lindemans, it is still quite sweet. But why does sweet get such a bad rap? Sweet sherry, sweet champaign...ice cream sandwiches - they should all have a place. I have stocked a few extra away to try in a blend with a dry stout.