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Pootz -

Glad you hooked up with Andy and Val...two of the nicest people in the micro business. Andy has recently retooled all his beers and I am willing to sponsor Neustadt's scotch ale as the most improved micro in the market.

..and you caught part of the Heuther legacy in Neustadt...the other part resides on King and Princess streets in Waterloo...it's worth a tour...give me an e-mail sometime and I can have Kelly show you the brew op and give you the history on the Heuther house and the Lion Brewery...they have some lager cellars at the Heuther house as well....and some of the best all malt German style lagers in Ontario.

Heuther wheat beers and lagers are the best kept secret in the Ontario craft market...served fresh they have few rivals and have a Munich-Dortmund character.

Monarch -

Very disappointed with our experience with the brewery. Owner was outside having a cigarette with her barking dog while we entered and waited to be served. She came in and we inquired about a tour. We don't do tours on Sunday unless you made a reservation was the response. We had emailed and set up one but she did not have it noted anywhere. We were there at 12 noon when they opened. No other customers were there and the town was very quiet. The tour was only offered for 2pm. She would not do it while we were there and told us we could come back at 2pm and she would accommodate us. Neustadt is not exactly close to anything and there really is nothing else to do in the town (we had already gone to the antique place next door.) The brewery has just lost our business. I have never been treated with such indifference by an owner of a brewery and we have toured over 50 microbreweries in Ontario and the US. We had such high hopes and were looking forward to the tour and tasting. None of which happened. Don't waste your time to drive to the middle of nowhere. Huge disappointment.