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Knut Albert -

Seems like they are sending me down there in a few weeks, so I can report on their beer market. If I can only figure out their alphabet!

Alan -

Your job is a very interesting one.

Knut Albert -

Well, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
There are lots of meetings in various European frameworks. Some of the participants go straight for the national museums, some go for the discos, a few of us seek out the beers.
We should have young backpackers chartering the straits for us, but if they do not arise to the occation, we have to do the job. To go where no beer blogger has ventured before.

ludmil fotev -

BG beer market is owned on 90% by AB-InBev (before selling his breweries in 7 East-European countries some weeks ago), Heineken and Carlsberg. News reported was correct. Some more details from first hand: First: The price-quality relation is one of the best worldwide and it's the main reason to this figures (local light beer, 5% is 1 $/litter, licensed Stella, Beck's or Carlsberg is 1,5) . And second, the BG Union of brewers (part of Brewers of Europe) isn't bureaucratic organization - 2 women are running out the corporate duties, 100% private, against the officials who intents increase taxes, excises, etc. For me it will be hard be blogger about beer realities over the sea, but I'm ready discuss every aspect of EU beer culture..