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Alan -

Excellent post. Thanks Donavan. I was going to be all clever and link to my review of Saranac Pale Ale as well as the Brooklyn Lager and - lo and behold - I have never reviewed the pale. Seven other Saranacs but not the pale. Here is my take on the lager.

Donavan Hall -

I did look for the Saranac Pale Ale in the GBB archives, but I guess when I didn't find it I forgot to look for the Brooklyn Lager. Thanks for the link.

Alan -

The good news is that SPA is an easy hit for me being available throughout the North Country...if I can ever get myself to stop just buying the fantastically excellent Thousand Islands Pale Ale.

Justin -

Nice post. I have never been to Waterzooi but have heard nothing but good things - I will have to go check it out. Is it only Belgiums or do they have "Belgium Styles" that are brewed in the U.S.?

Donavan -

Justin- Waterzooi does it Belgian-style including the US interps. Ommegang is well represented as is Allagash. A nearly up-to-date beer list can be found on Waterzooi's site: http://www.waterzooi.com/home2.htm

Alan -

I have a couple of large format Allagash special releases waiting for cooler weather to review: 10th anniversary and Curieux.

gr -

Back to the important stuff: our man Donovan spent the weekend in a wicked pretty part of New York state, just east of here in the mountains. I would accept any excuse to go there, and drinking beer would be perfect.

Pivoo -

Very good post indeed.

It sounds interesting with this "Belgian Brewing style".

Jessica -

FYI, there's going to be a beer dinner at Hunter Mountain (at the Kaatskill Mtn Club) in December, sponsored by the Brooklyn Brewery. There's going to be a contest for a two-night stay up here as well, including skiing and the dinner itself. So keep an eye out -- it will be announced soon enough.

Alan -

Would you have any...err...press passes for this event for, you know, people who run beer blogs?

kenny -

Just a heads up..good times were had by all at the Hunter Micro Festival this past weekend.And also I'm happy to report that Butternuts Beer and Ale won best Brewery ..peoples choice.
My hats off to those guys..they are really starting to turn some heads
Congrates BB&A!!!!!

Jessica -

I wish I could give press passes for this, but I can't! However, the dinner tickets are selling now as packages, we're going to open it up and sell them just as dinner tickets alone next week or so...there's a menu up on the website too, I think.

Alan -

Wow - my secret press pass acquisition powers are clearly not what they once were. I must remember to furrow my brow more when I speak the incantations.