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Knut -

It is amazing what we are wiling to do for a beer, isn't it? I'll have to have a Beamish one of these days.

Alan -

There is some talk in the social engineering that is Ontario's LCBO that bottles are moving out and more cans coming in. With any luck that will see Beamish return.

Greg Clow -

Enjoy your Beamish while you can, Donovan, as according to this article, you soon won't be able to get it in the US. :(

Donavan -

I guess I'll just have to start a "Save Beamish" campaign, or steal over the border into Canada.

Greg Clow -

<i>or steal over the border into Canada.</i>

Uh... we can't get it here, either.

(Or at least we can't get it in Ontario - it might be available in other provinces, I'm not sure.)

Donavan Hall -

I thought Canada was the land of all good things.

Jay White -

Beamish is still available at Village Beverage in Wading River!

Jay White
Village Beverage

Alan -

Where is Wading River?

Paul Greeley -

I would murder for a pint of beamish. Anyone know where I can get one in the vancouver area...I know they have it in halifax but thats a long ways away.


Alan -

All I can say is get ye to the bar called The Whip.

Cash beamish -

Love beamish bear in
Fact it was my great grandfather times about 12 that started it william beamish was his name and im pround to share