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Knut -

I am truly amazed that you are able to say so many kind things about a light beer, Alan. You are truly too good for this world!

Alan -

It is a good light beer. They do exist - Shipyard in Maine has one, too.

Alan -

Coopertown's Golden is another example - actually one of their beers I prefer.

Jay -

Do you know if they are going to sell Heineken Light in Canada, because i can't seem to find any here???

Alan -

No idea. I only heard it was not being sold here at the initial release.

Justin Kase -

We went to WA for a long weekend and stocked up on Heineken Premium Light, 48 awesome bottles worth. This beer is spoiling us for any other light beer. Wrote to Heineken Canada and was told there are no plans to import it to Canada???? This beer truly has the Heineken taste and goes down very smooth, especially in frosty mugs.

Justin Kase,
Victoria BC

LeFTy K_neK@ -

I just want to add that Puerto Rico is Heineken's 2nd Capital in the World. I'm proud to say that a 100 x 35 island is the second biggest beer drinkers in the world right after the beer capital Germany...(this information is statisticly proved.) Also we are the happiest country in the world!! And we celebrate the longest Christmas Season ever....So of course we drink lot's of beer. Making Heineken the imported beer of choice. AHHH!!

kdawg -

bring heineken light to canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!