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Joe -

Well, this site lists beer liqueur and distilled beverages separately, which lends creedence to the flavored neutral spirit theory. But this one mentions beer schnapps--fermented beer.

I demand a tasting session.

Chris -

I predict micro-distilling is going to be the "hot new thing" among microbreweries. It's already happening here in OR with brewers like Rogue and McMenamin's setting up micro-distileries at their breweries. Here's why I think it's going to get huge:

-As the craft-beer market gets more crowded brewers are going to look at other ways to stand out in the crowd.

-If I recall correctly, the profit margin on distilled spirits is quite a bit higher (for the producer any way).

-It's a great way to utilize batches that don't turn out quite right.

-Diversification. This is common sense, but it's especially important in places like Oregon where you have to go to an actual "liquor store" to get the hard stuff and a beer store (or grocery store) to get beer and wine. The more places you have product, the more people will notice you.

BTW - Well made beer schnapps is excellent. Imagine "hot" tingly hops and you've got a good idea what you're in for.

Dennis Hoertt -

I live in Texas and am positively Jonesing for some Bierlikor or Beer Schnapps...can anyone tell me where I can but this in the USA? I have tried and tried but no success.

ew_keane -

If a man distills some for friends and family, whats the harm? Commercial scale production and distribution is what the batfags and state ABC spys are watching out for.

Too bad fanatical federalists got the upper hand, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiskey_Rebellion
but that hand is weak now, and the time is ripe for change.

Go ahead and run a gallon, I say. Just dont hang a dollar price on it, instead swap and trade just like in the 'good ole days'.