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GR -

Told ya Tully's was good. I think that weekend trips to Tully's, Magic Bus style, for all Beer Blog readers from Eastern Ontario and NY should be arranged. Somehow, I imagine the trip back would be a bit merrier and more noisy.
Shopping tip from new home in Ithaca: Ithaca coffee company has it coming and going: roast their own coffees which are astounding and affordable (less than Starbucks!), cheese in the middle with lotsa samples, and a terrific selection of single beers and sixpacks from around the world. Desserts too. Coffee+cheese+dessert+beer=one stop shopping!

Alan -

Is that the coffee shop (slash) bakery near Purity Dairy? What manner of beer is this? And have you gone to Finger Lake Beverage yet?

gr -

Not near Purity, just off rte. 13 at Triphammer. What manner Beer? Lotsa beers! Maybe not as many as some places, but really good prices, and cheese cheese cheese and desserts and coffee and CHEESE and SAMPLES!!!!!!!
Lookup Ithacacoffee

gr -


Nope, havn't got to Finger Lakes Bev. yet, or Ithaca brewery but that doesn't mean we havn't sampled some beers lately...