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Mike -

Hey, I just came by to do my own post on AK Red, but am just as happy that you beat me to it. Pretty much as you say, a decent product with some marketing wizardry behind it. (I can't believe there are people in Canada who think of Keith's as 'exotic', but there you go.) Keith's Brewery had been bringing out some somewhat flavourful on-tap product in local pubs over the last five years or so (ie a 'winter ale') so I'm not surprised to see the expansion in the product line.

But it was still in my fridge, right? I often have a mix of domestic mass-produced stuff and more crafty stuff on hand ~ the domestic over the last few years was Clancy's Amber Ale (Moosehead) more often than not, but I can see the AK taking its place from time to time. (At our Christmas party, I went on the cheap and had Old Milwaulkie on hand, and said "Only Milwaulkie's Finest for Our Guests!" as I handed out the cans.)

As the AK Red was in the house when we brought our new baby home last week, it had the honour of being used in my first toast to my son. So, ... that's something.

blork -

Congratulations on the son!

I have no problem with AK expanding the line -- you have to adapt to the market after all, and that's a sign that the domestic beer market has opened its eyes a bit. But there's something weird about using the same "old tradition" approach to brews that are brand new. It's such a bald-faced lie. But these days nobody believes marketing anyway, so it's all just part of an image game.

Robert Morrison -

At selected breweries, an 8-pack comes with a free hat. I'm wearing it right now.

Johnathan -

I always thought it was more about Mr. Keith's techniques, his traditional brewing methods, and that seems like something that you could extend to any brand extension wouldn't you think?

Jonathan H -

I work at TBS in Kingston, and we just got our first batch of Keith's Red in on Wedsnesday. I'm on holidays so I went back into work and picked up a six-pack. I have to say that I agree. It is bland. I've enjoyed almost all of our 325 plus brands and I can usually find some validation in domestic brands, but this just leaves me wanting.

Sarah -

i am from BC.. Red was just released. i love it. having a red with a smoke is more satisfying then IPA. it seems to be smoother with less bite, so i guess its just what you like. For example, some people LOVE pilsner. weird.

its still good. and people are still going to buy it no matter how it is made. its a magnificent line of beer.

Billy w -

I tried alexander keiths red amber beer about 2 - 3 weeks ago for the first time. i live in newfoundland and have tried many of the Keiths lineup. i was fairly impressed by the color and the taste of the beer. I am heading out before the holidays to pick up a couple of cases to put in my fridge for my guest's to drink here christmas! All round a good beer. Those who likED it STILL like it ALOT!

Phaedrus -

I'm not sure about Keith's Amber Red in the bottle, but on-tap, I find it delicious. Although I agree with Blork's original comments about bland beers which appeal to mass markets, I don't think the on-tap version of AK Red fit's into that category. On-tap it has a nice balance of bitterness and hops, a fine grainy taste which makes me think of fields of barley in the fall, and a nice lingering aftertaste...and all this not to mention a great amber colour and a perfect head. But again.... I often find the bottle versions VERY different from on-tap. I'm not completely sure why. The same goes for Rickards Red... it's much better on-tap.

Beer Me! -

Tap product should always be better than bottle because it doesn't need to be pasteurized and it doesn't get light struck. Unfortunately though many/most bars in Canada do a lousy job of cleaning their lines and taps which causes the beer to pour flat and often taste a little skunky ... true pubs are better at this.

souljah -

I am a beer drinker and I really enjoyed the first time I tasted AK's Red Amber Ale. I had to buy it again just to make sure it was that good, and it didn't disappoint.

alex -

where can i buy alexander keith's in the US?

Dave -

You shouldn't be able to.
You should have to live here to get it!!
(to steal a line)

Dorothy Martin -

Yesterday I went to the local pub to attend one of your free draft events. I was lucky enough to receive one of your free baseball caps. After wearing it for about half hour, I noticed that the material around the brim had split in several places.This upset me greatly, but then i noticed that everyone's hat had mant splits in its brim. These hats do not show a good example for your company. I feel you should find another company to produce hats to equal the standard of your beer.

Drew -

@ Dorthy Martin

If you look at the hats again, you'll see that every hat has splits in exactly the same place. The splits on the brim were intentional. You obviously didn't look too closely at the hat right when you got it....


Robert Smith 21/1/09
i am sittitng here in Scotland (Dalmellington Ayrshire) with my alexander keiths beer glass remembering my holiday in Canada . I went on the tour of the brewery with my brother in law larry rankin a native of Canada and very good it was . we tryed all the beers and had a great time
well done alexander keiths it made my holiday.

Rae Farrell -

Here goes.
Beer to me is like art, its in the eye/taste of the beholder.
Rather than the 5 W's.
Who made it, What is it made of, Where was it made, Why should I buy it, and when was it made.
I just go with taste, I like it , love it, or hate it
To say a beer is pretty good for a mass produced domestic, or does not have a quirky history of being made in small batches by real wizards in a cave in eastern Poland in order for it to be taken seriously is pure elitist.
This is a great fresh clean smelling beer, always smell your beer, it tells you almost everything.
Perfect head, perfect.
Color, who cares, but a nice amber.
Taste, Is what its all about.
This beer can be drank/drunk all night long, not filling, crisp, and for me no after taste, I hate after taste. ( German Beer's yuk )
Every gulp is a new fresh taste, no left over stale after taste.
I like that a lot.
This is a great cutter beer, cuts mouth phlegm.
Cleans up your taste buds for the next gulp. Very important.
All I can say is try it.
This is a sophisticated beer who's quality and taste I appreciate.
I rate this beer 4 stars out of 5.

Mark Blundell -

Dear All. This is a small rant in reference to the Keiths IPA now being produced in Edmonton by Molson. I (a fervent lover of Keiths IPA) am greatly disappointing by the product now massacred by Molson . I don't know what deal was cut with Keiths, but it was a big mistake. Even my wife says it tastes like shit, and she is no connoisseur when it comes to beer. Do the boys back in Nova Scotia know what has happened to there product? Or have they just taken the money and turned there back on the west? To say I am greatly saddened by the Molson event is a mega understatement. All the best and bottoms up. Mark.

John -

Being someone who generally avoids beer because of its too strong assault on the senses and discomfort of the palette I was surprised to find Keith's Red a rather smooth likable beer. It appears to trigger the appropriate tastebuds that give a pleasureful experience without the aftertaste that normally leaves me with a negativity towards beer.
Even more surprising is the last sip is even good! (normally dreaded)
I'm happy I can now say I have a favorite beer.
Good job Alexander Keith's!

Bill -

I am in Milwaukee, WI. Is there anywhere within 100 miles where you can get Alexander Keith? Anywhere is Chicago? I found the beer on a trip to Toronto several years ago. I have had it anytime I've been in Canada the last 3-4 years. It is my favorite Canadian beer.

Ken Seton -

Lots of hard knocks on this one... but you know, on a scorching hot day, I want something with flavour that I can drink (Corona is disgusting, even with the lime), and this fits the bill perfectly. A heavy Red Ale it's not and you won't be comparing it ever to the likes of an Orkney Stout, but the again, it wasn't meant to be. This isn't a sipping-Ale, it's a little wild, "broad and fat and loose in stay's"... a maritime drinking beer for a hot day - watery with a hit of natural-fizz... perfect. If you want your socks knocked off by a Canadian drinking-beer with high level alcohol, it's Fin Du Monde from Quebec, but if you're looking to stay away from a pounding headache on a hot day, and need refreshing, this is it.

Bill -

Opinions are like A-holes, every body has one. I am a fan of Keith's Red. It is a great tasting beer. If you want some real slop try Richards Red.

Allan juniper -

A very good quality ale that I enjoy very much