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Beered -

Yes, beer relies on no piece of wood. But I believe there is something to say about the connection between beer and strong wood.

Now, can you please explain the special garments that revolve around chocolate stout?

Alan -

That would be telling.

Jamie Webb -

What's up? Kind of new to you alls web blog. I wanted to pick you alls brains on beer movies. What are your favorite beer movies? What movies showcase the role of beer in our society both old and new?

Alan -

Has there been a "beer movie"? I am not a movie nerd but you raise an excellent point.

Jamie Webb -

Like Strange Brew is sort of a beer movie, but it sucks. Cheers is sort of a good beer show.

Alan -

You have embarrassed me with noting <i>Strange Brew</i>, the essential Canadian experience. I am thinking of discussing the cultural aspects of beer generally at some point and this is a great example. Given beer is such a huge economic factor and so widely experienced, it place is society is relatively under discussed.

Beered -

Willow is a type of beer movie. It's sub-genre would be "grog flick." So the latin name would be _grog flickus brewicux_

Look it up. Not in the dictionary. Not in the movie guide.

Knut Albert Solem -

Sure there are beer movies. Smokey and the Bandit springs to mind. If you include TV series, Inspector Morse gets my nomination. (And a paper on the Morse books and beer would be splendid for the new journal!)

Alan -

Good idea. You may write that article and I have all the Morse books so I can check your references.

Jamie Webb -

Smokey and the Bandit? Really. And I must say I've never heard of this Morse mention. Culturally, I feel beer gets a bad rap stereotype in movies and tv. Characters that represent "beer" tend to be fat, lazy, and less educated. Think Norm from Cheers, Homer Simpson, Dan Conner (Roseanne's husband in the show "Roseanne" played by John Goodman. I feel like there must be movies out there that depict the same thing or something different.

beerbitch -

American Beer is a fun "bockumentary."