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Javia -

That's weird - I've never heard that definition of 'tail gating' before. In Australia it only means 'driving too closely to the car in front'. This is usually what happens before rear-end collisions. Funny how different English can be in different parts of the world. Any Brits or Indians or Canadians etc out there with other definitions?!

Josh -

In the U.S. we actually use it for both the party at the back of the truck, and to drive really close to someone's bumper.

John -

Here in Wisconsin, U.S., tailgating (the parking lot party not the annoying driving style) is fairly common. Baseball, (American) football, and a few other pro/college sports are usually begun with a tailgating pre-game event. Yes, I suppose it's a bit illegal due to drinking age, but, for the most part, it's not an all out drunk fest. It's a bonding time for coworkers, friends, amateur teams seeing the pro game, and even families. Yes, families! Beer is an option (enhancement?) at tailgating parties, which also includes grilling burgers, chicken, and hot dogs/franks/bratwurst. Tailgating is more about comradary (is that spelled correctly?) than drinking, but what better way to spend time with friends/family than to share quality (read NOT American macrobrew) beer.

Respect beer.