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Joe Reed -

You should visit Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia, then. In fact, Philly on the whole is a great beer city.

Baba -

Wow that place looks awesome, I need to go to Ontario, shit I need to spend more time in Canada. Pictures show a city that looks very European. I would have been overwhlemed there, reminds me of a place called the Brickskeller in DC.


Alan -

Its a block from the Quaker Oats factory, too.

Scott -

I agree with Joe Reed. Monk's has a fine selection of Belgian brews, and the food is very good. The Steegaarden in Bethlehem, PA serves nothing but Belgians, too.

Nice to see a Belle-Vue Kriek glass. Been trying to find one of those to buy for myself.

Allen -

Wow! I used to live in Peterborough from 87-91. They never had great places like that before. I'll have to go back this summer and see some old friends and drink some great beer.

Burl Crone -

I can only confirm the positive responses to this place. I came cruising in from Toronto and could only wish they had something this great on College street. Way to go Roland. Nice venue, man. Those Belgian potatoes were awesome. So much beer. Such a nice place.
"It's a good place". "Yes, there's lots of liquor".

Michael VanDerHerberg -

St. Veronus is one of my favourites here in Peterborough. For a small town in central Ontario they have an incredible assortment of restaurants, cafes and pubs. Try Aas Maa Bik's next time and tell Sean that Michael from the Silver Bean Cafe sent you.



Pat Vatta -

I'm a teacher and we had reserved space for 16 for our staff Christmas party and St. Veronus. But 24 of us decided we wanted to go. Tried to add on 8 reservations and they wouldn't let us. They agreed they did have room. We agreed to a separate table. The answer was still no. I was told by the person handling our reservation that the restaurant wouldn't let us add on because they preferred to take reservations from 'others'. What could that mean? At any rate, we cancelled and went to Montana's which was disappointing after wanting to make my first visit to St. Veronus.

David Horan -

This is one of the many places that makes me regret on a daily basis that I ever left Peterborough. If you're ever back visiting your friend again Alan, you should try the Olde Stone. It's a pretty wonderful brewpub, but it's their seasonal brews that really sell you: I've still not found a better attempt at mixing ale and pumpkins!

d -

i live in peterborough, and st.veronus is indeed an amazing place, probably the best i've been to in my life

great beers, great food, great service. 5 min. from our student house here.

Michelle -

Saint Veronus is truly the gem of downtown Peterborough. I'm never disappointed with the selection of beer or food and the service is great. Accompany all of that with great atmosphere and it makes the perfect place for a civilized night out :)

James from Pickering -

My boss offered to take me to lunch during a visit to Peterborugh, and suggested this "belgian" place. My heart jumped with anticipation. The visit - the food, the beer (McChouffe on tap!!) And ambiance were amazing. Sitting under a poster of the legend Eddy Merxk for this beer dring cycling fanatic was the topper. Can't wait to go back!!

Deb -

We are looking for a funky place to take our son for his 21st birthday and this sounds like it's the place. Can anyone help me regarding gluten free items on the menu?...and, no I can't drink the beer, but that will leave lots for the men-folk.