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Alan -

...and you know you are drinking one when you do. Loverly house style.

Todd -

I had one of their Pale Ales about a month ago, purchased from Beers of the World in Rochester, New York. VERY skunky/light struck. Much like some other brewers, they need to replace the green bottles with brown bottles.

Alan -

Here is a trick. If it was truly skunky, leave other unopened bottles in the dark for a few days. That "light struck" phenomena is reversable. I would suggest, however, that it might not have been skunked as their house yeast has a real sour tang to it - unless, of course, you are used to their product and faced a supertang of inhuman proporations, a twing no one ought to be subject to. <p>I know their "English Ale" as sold in Canada comes in a green bottle and that is what I am familair with.

Alan -

What if I put it, say, three and a half feet from you, just beyond your reach?

Baba -

Those bottle are funky, I have yet to actually drink one of their beers, for some reason the bottle throws me off. When I am at a beer store and i see that, I always feel like I am about to buy like a bottle of...well something other then beer.

Anyways, I gotta try it now, I salute them on their bottles