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Knut Albert Solem -

It is in the "300 beers to try before you die" book - one of the very few Asian brews.

Knut Albert Solem -

But what is kookoo juice, Alan?

Alan -

A friend's nickname for red wine. I leave the partaking of that now pretty much to others.

Matthew -

Another great one is--or was--Belikin stout from Belize. I have not seen it in years. Nice to know there is a Trinidadian stout to watch for.

MJ included the Lion in his beer-of-the-month club a few years ago. And I was able to find it recently in a store here (San Diego area) for the first time. Great stuff.

Glenn -

I have been drinking Sinha for a couple of years now and its inclusion in the '300 beers to drink before you die' doesn't surprise me. An excellent strong stout.

Elisa (italia) -

hello from Italy your blog is very nice

seward currie -

just love this stout. been drinking it for 3 years now

suziequzie -

I have not tried this beer, *yet*. I have a bottle waiting for me. The nice gentleman at the beer store saw my other selections, and recommended this one to me. He said it would go very well with a nice thick juicy fatty burger, so I'm gonna cook one up tomorrow and crack it open then.

Rob D -

i just drank a bottle and found this site well googling some info on the beer. it's a very good beer, and even though it has a higher alcohal content then alot of beers it's very smooth. i'd definitely purchase it again although i wish it was available in a larger size like a 500ml can.

Nic Carvalho -

Yes, Sinha is definitely a keeper. Do you know how it is made? Some Sri Lankan guy, (Pio Sebastianpillani) was explaining it to me... the put a bag around this fruit on the tree, and it ferments up there, producing the beer whilst on the tree! Simply amazing! And that might explain the little particles I found in mines...

Nelson -

I'm currently drinking Sinha Stout which I bought here in Montreal at the SAQ. I find it takes a bit of getting used to but over all very good. You can defiantly taste the strong bitter chocolate coffee malt.

David -

Does anyone have an all grain recipe for this beer. I can't seem to find anything and I can't believe anyone has not wanted to brew this fine beer. Thanks all.

IslandCricket -

I have had this beer sitting on the beach in western Sri Lanka watching the sunset..blessed enough to do it nearly every evening with my mates for 5 years straight. I then moved to north america. Of course in Sri Lanka it is called Lion Stout beer.

Off topic> Sri Lanka also produces what is commonly known as Coconut whiskey (Arrack) and Coconut Rum, The dark red rum with coke and a slice of Lime (not lemon) reminds you of a warm sunny beach!

Scott -

Yes, I too am looking for an all-grain recipe for this excellent stout! Anyone?...