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Knut Albert Solem -

No. it's not listed on their web site. It may be because it is not widely available - originally this was brewed for the pub of the same name alone, and I do not see it much around the Young's pubs.
Not that I ask for it, don't get me on a rant again (http://www.beerblog.motime.com/post/484972) about their Special London Ale, which is bottled magic.
BTW, I remember reading somewhere that at one time there was half a dozen "Dirty Dick" pubs in London, with cobwebs and everything. But that was way before they saw the enormous potential of fake Irish theme pubs, which have since conquered the world. (And has the world become a better place? The jury is still out.)

Alan -

Did I mention I have a wee SLA in the stash?

Knut Albert Solem -

Chase the rest of the family out, or wait until they are asleep. Turn off the phone. Some pistachio nuts or a slice of mature stilton, perhaps? Enjoy!

Alan -

I did secure four oatmeal stouts when south Saturday.

douglas bentley -

"Nathaniel Bentley was his name (which leads to a number of questions we need not pursue." what exactly does this mean? i would love to know.is there some english cultural joke about the bentley's? im just wondering. i find this very interesting. oh yeah. i think that the dirty dicks ale is good, but its not youngs best work. i prefer the london ale


Alan -

Hah! I have no clue now what I meant when I wrote this. It is mysterious even at the mere gap of five weeks.