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ManhattanDan -

I was introduced to Long Trail at my ski house last Winter in Ludlow, VT. After a long day of skiing and a group dinner, I was delighted to find the guys I was sharing the house with had loaded the fridge with a case of Long Trail Ale. Lovely, just lovely. The website says it's based on the Altbiers of Duesseldorf. I may or may not agree. (I spent my 16th Summer as an exchange student near D-dorf.) Whatever. It's a wonderful brew.

Exceptionally drinkable, well-balanced and, reminds me of my time in Vermont. I can't wait to go back. Oh Vermont!

Gary -

Like I was saying: youngish, healthy, rugged types, go fill your fridge!!!
BTW-good time to visit us in northern New England. The maples are starting to sho their colors, peak around Columbus day in a month.

Dave -

I'm getting married next month and am ordering the beer selection. My future wife and I want to get beers we like but also want to make sure there are good options for people as far as light/dark, etc. I love Newcastle Brown so we are getting 4 cases of that. Then we are getting two cases of Amstel Light for those who want a Light beer option. My future wife has German roots so we figured Spaten Oktoberfest is a good choice. The guy at the beer distributor said it is dark and is similar to Newcastle but I have drank it and I don't recall that. Isn't Spaten Oktoberfest pretty light in color? Our final option is a few Magic Hat varieties since our heart is always in Vermont. Any feedback is appreciated.

Alan -

Where are you located.

Megan -

Hey there:

I am a fellow Vermonter, currently located in Boulder COlorado....but one thing that i miss about home is Long Trail beer. there's nothing like is anywhere. Glad to have found a friend.


Chad Smith -

Long Trail is the beer I call my favorite. No where can you get it anywhere except in the New england Region. I do not frequenty drink beer when outside of VT, NY, NH, RI ME. But whe nestled at home in VT. there is nothing, absolutely nothing like pounding Trail after Trail after Trail. Oh, and during snowboard season, huh...he he he.
Forget about importing it though. If you don't do it yourself, it does not get shipped. So you gotta go to new england. It could be one reason why some folks live here.

Alan -

Does snowboarding lead to Trail pounding or is it the other way around?

MCSmith -

I'm not sure...I would think that snowboarding DOES indeed lead to Trail Pounding, because I can't ride and drink...I have to save that for 4 or 4:20...