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Alan -

I finally opened this after a couple of weeks in the fridge to let it settle out. I think this had gone through a bit of an extended life on the shelf but as it was real ale - with a very large yeast deposit on the bottom of the bottle - all is well. It is fairly dry with a high carbonation level. A rocky lively off-white foam head sits over light to medium amber ale. There is not much to the taste, though it is a bit cidery and there is a bit of a rough edge hop showing up. I think I will let it warm up to see if more flavours come out.

Alan -

Later: very cidery, even vineous. It could be that the beer has eaten itself, taken all the residual sugars that an amber might have and eaten them in the bottle. There is a hoppy element to it and sourness from the yeast. Who knows? This beer is so far for me from any context this is what the Basques of France may like. It would certainly go well with seafood.