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Joe Reed -

I used to live in the Lehigh Valley. Worked in Easton, lived in Allentown. This was maybe 7 years ago. Since then, I've still lived "regionally".

The point of this longish story is that Weyerbacher has improved dramatically over the past 8 years. Their original pale ale or ESB was inconsistent and clouded with banana esters (if I recall correctly). I stopped drinking them, what with Dogfish Head, Victory, and Troeg's within reach. However, when I've revisited their beers in the past couple of years, I've found them quite good.

Oskar -

<a href=http://northcoastbrewing.com/ras.htm> North Shore Brewing Rasputin Imperial Stout</a>

Had this recently on a trip through New York, although it is from California.

Quite tasty with a nice slight smoky flavour. Nice finish, not to "thick" and overall quite enjoyable. Good for the long cold nights that are ahead.

Austrian -

Your beer blog looks interesting. Have you ever tried some Austrian beer? I have introduced some of them in my blog. Greetings from Austria!

Alan -

I like to say Austrian in German: <i>Osterreich!</i> or something like that - heavy on the "Oo". So I will check out your blog, my Vienna-centric friend.

Amy Patterson -

can you give me the calories, fat grams and fiber of the imperial pumpkin ale?

Alan -

This should help you with the first question and I would bet the answer to the second and third are zero. But it is an excellent source of beer.

jacqueline -

How many calories and carbs are in one 12 oz Imperial Pumpkin Ale?

borisattva -

338 calories / pint