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Oskar -

No. 9 used to be much higher quality, with a <i>REAL</i> apricot taste. This is not just my opinion, a few others have stated this as well. Ithaca Brewings Apricot Ale is an example of how No. 9 used to taste.

Should taste Heart of Darkness, MH's take on a porter. Tasty. Also if in South Burlington the brewpub/Brewery tour are quite nice. Often have specialty brews on tap and a growler is 8-10$ which is very nice.

Alan -

Apricot? I would be hard pressed to say that I met any apricot in my bottle of #9. Peach juice. McAuslan out of Montreal has a nice Apricot Wheat as well...one of my first beer posts was about it.

Alan -

Maybe it was a bad bottle. I am getting the hefe of Batch 370 with the last bottle. Not much clove and banana but it is there.

John -

I have a hard time having beer taste any flavor other than "Beer" flavor :-)

Alan -

Do some side by side tests and you will have started on the path to nerdy obsession.

Brian -

I have a good recipe for brewing magic hat #9 look-alike and yes, the secret ingredient is apricot (either real int he fermentor or extract when bottling).

#9 is the best beer there is in my opinion!

Chris -

I love no 9. It is most surely apricot not orange. Very slight of course but excellent. Not as noticeable as say an apricot beer but those are for girls anyways. haha kidding but seriously...no 9 has gone down in quality over the past year or two. I really love Circus Boy though...one of the best American wheat beers I would say!

Buck F. -

This stuff is awesome! no. 9 is the most flavorful