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Todd -

The reason for the one-ounce samples is probably due to Colorado state law. For example, here in New York, for a beer festival the state liquor authority limits samples to 2 or 3 ounces (don't remember which).

For the GABF, with 463 breweries pouring 2,350 different beers, giving people pint samples would probably not be a good idea.

Alan -

I don't know. I don't have any hope of getting 2,350 tastes in my mouth and after maybe five or fifteen I really have no hope of knowing what is what. I would think that at least a half pint would be civilized. Plus you have to plan. If I were going to something like this, I would be going all Belgian or even all witte. Anything else is a cacaphony.

Johnny -

The GABF is BS for this very reason. How can you "taste" a beer with just one ounce? That's probably why everyone at GABF clamors for the really strong stuff like Dogfish 100+ IBU or some sour lambics, while some nice, well thought-out beers go relatively unnoticed. 55 bucks goes a long way in a great tavern. Why not enjoy yourself and have a decent glass of beer?

The contest is BS as well, with the big money sponsors (A/B, Coors, Sam Adams) winning gold medals. Hmmm.

If you've never been, skip it and hit a really good fest, like Oregon Brewers Fest (an invitational, so everything is good) or Madison, WI Beer Fest (college-town with German influences). Both are twice as good as Denver.

BTW, you can have more than one ounce in Colorado, that's just the way they run the Festival. Every brewery we visited poured a 3-4 ouncer, which I think is the minimum for getting a good idea of what beer is all about.

Alan -

See - that is sort of what I think. You have to have a good few cheek bustingly good sloshes around the mug to know what is what. And what about 55 bucks? My experience of a night of bevvies stateside makes me thing that is pretty stiff - if the point of a beer festival is to attract new fans to your brew.