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Todd -

When you see huge IBU numbers advertised by a brewer, try to take it with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that there are physical limits to how much hop oil will dissolve in the wort, no matter how much hops were thrown in to the kettle and fermentor. Even if the brewers calculations show that the beer should be 200 IBUs, unless they've had a lab analysis showing this, they've probably fallen short of the fantastic numbers they're touting.

Alan -

Yah but yah but yah but...<p>

That is true and there are many factors that go into the hop utilization rates as well as hop perception. Guinness, for example, is one of the hoppier beers technically but all that rolled barley richness and roast barley toastiness balances it out. That being said, I was impressed with the amount of hops in this one as well as the selection. There were masses in there but it was more the woodwind section than the brasses. Big and warm was the effect and I was truly impressed. I will be buying a few more on my pre-Christmas run.

Gary from NH -

An old friend, this IPA, although as a lightweight married to a lightweight, we SHARE a bottle and float off into a beery haze together. Perfect beer when watching football or "Caddyshack" together.

Alan -

...or perhaps the Red Green movie? What do you pay for one in NH, the land of lower taxes and shorter transportation costs. I am stunned at the opportuntiy to pay 3.99 for this in CNY.

Gary from NH -

Usually two bucks, two fifty? We don't have any tax.........

Alan -

You lucky, lucky man.

Alan -

2006? Love it. Big, juicey, hop hot, candy cane, so many things to say.

Alan -

My first of the 2007 edition and I am in love. Not so much of the candy cane and more of the cream in the malt. Plenty of grain texture as well as heat, arugula, white pepper and weedy June lawn mowing in the hops. A steal at $4.39 from the Galeville Grocery for a big bomber.