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JustMe -

The main problem with people like this is, they do not realize that, in most states for children under the age of 21 it is perfectly legal for them to drink. They must be under the supervision of thier parents of course. The point being this is all smoke and mirrors by the prohibitionists. We would not expect to give a child any other resposibility without proper experience would we? How about we just throw car keys to anyone whom had reached the age of 16, without andy driving experience or classes? Yet we do that with to many minors in regards to alchohol. This is directly a cause of binge drinking, D.U.I.'s and other alchohol related offences. We as a nation need to get passed the notion that all alchohol is bad. Moderate consumption is a blessing and a responsibility, and like any responsibilty our youth must be trained to deal with it.

Oskar -

Agree with the above post in that in US their is an "evilness" associated with drinking. If drinking was not as vivlified in our culture than bingedrinking, when we are "allowed" to drink wouldn't be as prevelant.

Why go slug down 12-15 beers of crappy bee at a kegger when you can enjoy a bottle of craft brewed goodness with pops at home?