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Oskar -

My wife and I samples some of their Apricot Ale over the Thanksgiving weekend. Very nice lighter ale with a sweet taste of apricot.Melded perfectly with the beer adding to not taking away from the flavour. Reminds me of the way Magic Hat's No. 9 used to be. A beer with an apricot aftertaste. Not to sweet and something a manly man can drink in his flannel shirt.

Alan -

The two last big big ales reviewed.

The Unabrewer -

I can't believe I haven't stumbled across this brewery. Definitely must give it a try.

Alan -

It is quite the thing, Middle Ages, but they do have house style with the Ringwood and a bit of butteriness which does turn people off like hard water breweries sort of don't do it for me.

gr -

I am sure Alan will eventually change my review title at left to something like 'Gary, one of our reviewers from central NY', and take out the New Hampshire part. I am so glad I moved closer to Middle Ages brewery. The Beast Bitter is better than BAer 98 and scores a billion% with me. Deeep amber color, hoppy bite and afterbite, thick like a milkshake with a fluffy frothy head. Next time, i fill my trunk with ice and as many bottles of this as I can fit in there. I happen to know our host is driving through this week, no doubt he will be filling HIS trunk with this stuff and others.

gr -

Oskar-all I wear, and am wearing now, is manly (beastly even) flannel shirts. But I am not certain that I would go for an apricot ale....

Andy Calimano -

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