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Knut -

Sure. But not until Tuesday next week. OK?


Knut -

I'll try to catch a guided tour of the new gallery. I have a few pubs to check up on in the neighbourhood anyway.

Doug -

I'm making a trip to London this weekend and I'm a little disappointed to here that there really aren't any true Old English pubs anymore.

Is this true and do you have to travel outside of London to find a true one?



Alan -

Have a look here, Doug. It is CAMRA's historic pub interiors pages for London. That should give you some hope.

Knut -

They are not all swept away and replaced by pastel colors ans Scandinavian pine. There are lots and lots of old and nice pubs around, but you have to get away (but not neccecarily that far away)from Trafalgar Square. Tell me where you are staying/ what you plan to do, and I can give some recommendations. You could also try the excellent web site http://www.fancyapint.com/, where you can find good pubs by area.