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Alan -

I must say I had the Jalapeno and am not a fan. I say this of any hot pepper beer. A trick that I do not see the need of.

christine garrison -

Mike, I am intrigued by this beer label as it shares my last name! My husband and brother-in-law (self appointed beer conisseurs) will be delighted at knowing their Canadian relatives have a brewing company. Can this brand be purchased in the U.S.? Our Garrison family is spread from Cape Cod to Hawai'i--surely we can find it somewhere...do you know which states might carry it?

Alan -

I don't think any Garrison products are even in Ontario. And I think that it is not named after the family Garrison but celebrates the British Garrison at Halifax.

Mike -

Hi Christine,

Although I know there are some Garrisons in Halifax, Alan's correct, the name relates to Halifax's military heritage. Contact the brewery, I guess, to see if there are any options; otherwise, I guess the best solution might be to come visit Nova Scotia! (Or, Your hubby might enjoy some Garrison Gear under the tree this year ... http://www.garrisonbrewing.com/garrisongear.html).


ALan -

I have a very nice Garrison pitcher I bought years ago.

Andrew -

Dude, while I was drinking a Garrison Raspberry wheat in downtown Halifax I was somehow drawn by the powers that be to your beer blog. I love it. I'm an Ontario native, but have been in Halifax for 2 years. This beer company rocks, next time in Halifax you should check out the Garrison Brewery tour, 2 hours of all you can drink Garrison beer for 12 bucks! They have a seasonal blueberry wheat beer which is quite nice...it probably doesn't make it out of the province because they don't bottle it, except at the brewery.

So you're a liar...err.lawyer eh? My g/f is slaving for the same litter you have after your name.

Wicked blog keep it up!


Alan -

I am a Dal grad, too, Andrew. We did a brewery tour with pals back in 1999 or so and you are right. A lot. <p>You send reports from Rogues Roost and the Seahorse any time.

Jasmine -

Im doing a project on this does any one Know any good facts i can use???

Alan -

I think we'd have to have some understanding of what you were talking about as a starter.

Edgar rosado -


I went to Nova Scotia on Carnival Cruise ship and visit your factory your Brown Nut Beer is off the hook (which means it is good). I live in Long Island and do you know of any distributors that sell this? If not can I buy a keg and have it delivered to Long Island, NY?

I love this beer!!! Please help me