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Julia -

From my experience, this list should be correct. If you have one place to stop on a trip through Rochester, I recommend going to MacGregor's for the wide variety of daught beers. For ambience and something different, go to The Old Toad.

If you want something near Lake Ontario, try Shamrock Jacks (<a href="http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/shamrock-jacks-pale-ale/39282/" >Review of their Pale Ale</a>). It's an "authentic Irish pub" with a nice restaurant. Plus, Seabreeze Amusement park and the lake/bay are just down the road.

Alas, I must communicate with you that the Beer Guys column is no more. The sad news here.

montois -

I always leave MacGregors wasted. Good times~

Tina Weymann -

Your list omits the bar that *used to be* my favorite - Monty's Korner, at the korner of East Ave & Alexander Street in the East End of downtown. The Korner is not to be confused with Monty's Krown Lounge on Monroe Ave., which is a cool place in its own right. The Korner is spacious, comfortable, and well positioned geographically to attract just the right sort of beer drinker who wants a pleasant pint after work. And there's no d*mned TV blaring. Several outside tables are available during our annual 2 weeks of nice weather.

Monty's has a real ale engine - and they know how to use it properly - that may dispense, say, Inferno Pod Ale from Custom Brewcrafters in Honeoye Falls or Wailing Wench from Middle Ages in Syracuse. The other draught offerings rotate a bit, and even the most jaded beer conoisseur can always find something to her liking.

Oh, did you wonder about that *used to be* line? Well, the Korner has just instituted not one but two nights of karaoke. So, don't go there on Sundays and Wednesdays. I am fearful that this will lead to their pulling the good taps and putting on more Bud-Mill-Oors to appease the karaoke crowd.

As to the demise of Rick and Pat, the Beer Guys from the Democrat & Chronicle, it is utterly inexplicable why they haven't been replaced. I called the "Living" section editor several weeks ago to offer my services (I'm a published beer writer and an obvious beer geek) and never got a response. Maybe the D&C just can't embrace the concept of a Beer Lady instead of a Beer Guy (even one who seems to think that Brussels is in the south of Belgium). C'est la vie.

Tina Weymann

Alan -

Hey Tina!

You write for <i>Great Lakes Brewing News</i>, do I recall correctly? Any generic recommendations for the fall season of ales and lagers?

Don -

I have been to Rochester many times and always find great bars. Next time I get there, I will certainly consult “the list” above. Here is an interesting site that has ratings on lots of bars in Rochester and the vicinity http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1266/?view=beerfly.

Buddogger -

My Comments:

* MacGregor's Grill & Tap Room. The one in Henritucky near RIT has the best layout and beer selection. However, the bar service is absolutely deplorable. Try the Southwedge location instead. Great beer and great service. Had lunch there yesterday with a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (or 2).

* California Brew Haus, 402 W. Ridge Road. Great selection of beer. The place is a hole and caters to a clientelle of downtrodden biker-types. Scummy strip-joint 2 doors down. Dying corporate environment all around. Avoid unless you are looking for a go on a pre-suicide drinking binge.

* The Old Toad, 277 Alexander St. Nice spot nice location. Great authentic British feel. Play some darts when you're there.

* Monty's Krown, 875 Monroe Ave. Never been there but it's time to try it out. I do like Monty's Corner on east and alexander though.

* J.B. Quimby's Public House, 3259 S. Winton Road, Henrietta. Good spot. Open bluegrass jam on tuesday night is great. Was there last night. Oregon Porter special was outstanding for $2.75 / pint.


My 1 Addition:

* ACME on Monroe Ave. Outstanding selection of worldly bottled beer. Perhaps the best pizza in town. What a combo.


Rochester Bar Man -

I invite you to check out my blog, Monroe County, NY Bars - a different bar each day. Beer isn't the focus, though if a given bar does have a good selection, I'll be sure to mention it.

Alan -

Good work! An inspiring study.

Tom Brown -

If this is a true beer blog, you'll appreciate this site - www.draftbeerman.com


Alan -

A true beer blogger might ask why he is the shape of a bottle if he is draught beer?

Dennis -

MacGregors is a great place for your choice of good beers in Rochester. Note to webmaster: The link to their website at the top is "broken". Please fix? The working address is: http://macgregorsgrillandtaproom.NET

Jessica -

I am looking for a place in or around Rochester that sells Waterloo Dark beer. Can anyone help me?