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Alan -

After careful study, we have adopted the definition from <i>The Journal of Alcohol Studies</i> out of Rutgers University:<blockquote class="smalltext">In order avoid the confusion that can potentially arise when different clinical phenomena are being described by the same name, the Journal has now adopted a policy that requires the term "binge" to be used in a specific way in accepted manuscripts. According to the policy, the term "binge"should only be used to describe an extended period of time (usually two or more days) during which a person repeatedly administers alcohol or another substance to the point of intoxication, and gives up his/her usual activities in order to use the substance. It is the combination of prolonged use and the giving up of usual activities that forms the core of the definition of a "binge".</blockquote>We have adopted that statement as we have have a strong belief that it is the definition best suited to never apply to our current lifestyles here in the GBB global editorial office. Did the memo not get to the Shanghai offices yet?

myrick -

I missed the memo, but that works well for me . A binge should be measured in temporal, not volume, terms. My last binge was, therefore, about 16 months ago in Bintan, Indonesia. I did "give up my usual activities to use the substance." Lying on a beach drinking Bingtan lager and cocktails wasn't usual. Damn nice though. I'd binge again in a second.

Alan -

It does sort of make it all a synonym for undergrad studies in a way.

stevem -

Well certainly let's not forget partial memory loss when trying to puzzle together sequence of events of said binging. Input from friends and strangers as well can be essential in lapse re-construction. Bruises, abrasions and scratches should neither be absent of any self-respecting binge.

Wayne Over -

A six pack a day keeps the doctor away..;))