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Steve Poteet -

I have a 1937 MGTA,1953MGTDand1962MGA2.I would love to buy some of your beer to drink and add to my MG collection!Do you have any signage for sell?
Thank you
Steve Poteet
380 College Ave
Clemson,SC 29631
Phone 864-654-4484

Ed -

You may want to contact Andrew directly for the signage request...
It's pretty much just him and his wife that run the operation.

Brewer: Andrew Stimpson
Neustadt Springs Brewery
456 Jacob Street
Neustadt ON
+1 519-799-5790


Alan -

Beer alert. Beer alert.

Alert! Now in the Kingston LCBO! Alert! Now in the Kingston LCBO at Barrack Street and King!

This has been a beer alert.

Dave -

I had to try the beer just because of the name. I've been accused many times - over the years of drinking "crankcase oil"...
Damn! I really like it!

Shaine -

I bought this beer on a trip east last May (07). I look forward to my trips just to try out new beers. I bought this one as a bit of a gag on my father-in-law. But what a great beer - I have tried to find it here in southern Alberta... but if it isn't Big Rock or Bud we don't seem to have it.

snow -

Anybody know where to buy this in Toronto? i asked an LCBO clerk and she told me they don't carry it to often because is doesn't sell to well and it doesn't have a long shelve life.

Dave 291rcr -

I purchase this beer when it first came onto the market as I reside close to Neustadt, Ontario. It was terrible first 6 pack was my last 6 pack. Introduced same to friends and their reaction was the same. Very disappointed.

Andy -

I really like this stuff. Ran into it a few years back and I've been a fan ever since. Unfortunately, it's getting increasingly difficult to find it in the Tillsonburg/Simcoe area; any thoughts on where I might try my luck? The last time I had any I picked it up directly from the brewery, but that's way too far out of the way for any kind of regular trip.

fred -

Great Beear had it on tap from taps inNiagara Falls . this is a great addidtion to there great beers made on site.

P.S. to Dave 291: Go back to drinking watery imports and us drink real beer that is "strong and free".

Erik -

In Toronto, I get it at St. Clair and Keele, by the can, along with Neustadt's IPA. I found it with this handy tool:

Erik -

Scottish Pale Ale, rather. Not IPA.

Kelly -

We head up to the Bruce every summer for a week or so and always stop in Neustadt for a couple of cases of 10 W 30. I find it's the best beer on the market. We live near Tillsonburg I found they sell it now at the L C B O. See you next August.

Bob -

you can grab it at queen and coxwell lcbo location in tall cans

Trelard -

You can also now get it at the LCBO on the Hazledean Road in Ottawa. Literally had only a few mouthfulls but i'm happy with the taste. If I don't have any adverse reactions tomorrow I'd buy it again.

Troy -

I first tried it on tap at a bar in the actual town of Neusadt, blocks from the brewery.I thought that was kinda cool, and just about the frshest beer you could ever drink.
But anyways, the beer was amazing on tap, really rich and malty, blows away your average macro dark beer ie rickards dark, waterloo dark, Keiths, etc...

The flavour reminded me of Porter I have tried, but maybe not as rich. Great beer if you can find it,

Tom -

I had the fortune of buying a pint from a bar in Nuestadt, Ontario, blocks from the brewery. I thought that was kinda cool,
Anyways, the beer is dark, rich and malty, and nothing like the macro dark beers (Rickards, Keiths, Waterloo). A wonderful beer if you can find it, and it can be hard to find. I have seen it in LCBOs in a hundred mile radius of the brewery, and have heard that it is in some bars and LCBOs in Toronto. If you ever get the chance to travel to the brewery, do it. They have an outlet store, and also sell kegs and such, and the owners are really nice. The brewery is the oldest brewery in Ontario, and is a remarkable old stone building, originally built and operated by Mr. Huether, the same one who built Waterloo's Heuther Hotel...

Alan -

Kinda cool, eh? Odd that I wonder if there are PR interns at play.