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Siyathemba -

Hi!, I just want to how did the Pineapple beer taste like? Because my brother was thinking of start a production of this beer at a masssive scale, but me I'm a bit unsure about the market for this beer. I'm in South Africa. Your response will be greately appreciated.

Alan -

Do you produce other beers? Starting with a pineapple brew would be very risky I would think.

andrew -

The Blue Diamond Lager, which has a can designed to perfectly mimic the classic budweiser can, is without a doubt the worst beer I've ever tried. The pineapple and lemon flavorings can only help.

Elaine -

Really enjoyed your site -- have you ever heard of Sweet China beer? Used to enjoy it with our meals at a small Denver restaurant called Little Saigon, purchased a few cases from Applejack Liquors there, then it disappeared. Had a distinct pineapple essence and was one of the best beers I've ever tasted! Thanks..............

Jackie -

Has anyone heard of Pineapple Coconut flavored beer? I used to buy it at this small store by my job. It is in a bottle like a wine cooler. I have not seen it in about 10years.
It was really good.

Bernard Ashfold -

I visited China in August and found the pineapple flavoured beer. In the excessive heat (40+C) I found it very refreshing leaving a sweeter aftertaste that larger.