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Joe Reed -

I've only had the Old Foghorn and Bigfoot. North Coast is consistently high quality, so I'm sure the Old Stock is excellent. Their Old Rasputin is a magnificent imperial stout.

Those are all (or mostly) west-coast breweries and would be difficult to find elsewhere. Some nice east coast barleywines include Victory's Old Horizontal and Heavyweight's Old Salty.

Alan -

Is there an ur-barleywine that had the word "Old" at the beginning like the much copied "-ator" suffix for the German double bocks?

gary sink -

While it is common naming convention to use "Old" in barleywine names, there isn't one known source for the tradition. The term "barleywine" is releatively new, being used by Bass about 100 years ago to describe their "No. 1" strong ale. "Old ale" is another term used for high alcohol british brews, so a combination of factors are in play here. There's a great article at http://www.beernotes.com/rockymtn/articles/000296.html
written by award winning brewers Dick cantwell (Elysian, Seattle) and Fal allen (formerly of Pike, Seattle, and Anderson Valley, CA)

PS: I'm making my way through the entire barleywine list at Beverisge Place. It's a tough job, but someone gotta do it!

Alan -

Reviews and digital photos is all we ask for, Gary.