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gr -

Ok, so I moved with the wife, dogs and cats to Ithaca, for the hell of it, so Alan needs to change my reviewer status, as I am no longer his man in New Hampshire. Now I am his man in Etna, outside Ithaca. Can't find it on the map? Most people can't. Turn left at the cows and there is the hamlet of Etna, just up the creek from Ithaca.
OK, maybe I moved the whole family here just to be closer to Ithaca brewery. People have moved for worse reasons. Cascazilla came home from the store today, and, oh my. I like strong flavors, like tabasco on everything, or Wild Turkey Bourbon neat or double shots of espresso. Cascazilla is strongly flavored, and for once, you won't hear me say 'this tastes just like Bass Ale!', but you will hear me say, as usual, 'I really like this beer!' The wife brought home some, ahem, spicy Indian food, and we cracked open some of these Cascazillas, and it was so intense it gave me hiccups.
If you ever have hiccups, a certain cure is chocolate.

Bryan -

Ithaca Nut Brown off tap is so much smoother and less dry than the bottle. I would say give this beer a second chance because it is close to perfection on tap.