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Alan -

The LCBO has a non-gluten beer from Quebec that I have avoided for fear of overly low resulting gluten levels. It may be by these guys.

blork -

Indeed, Alan, "La Messagère" is the low-gluten beer made by this brewery. It's made from buckwheat and rice. Next time I see one I'll sacrifice two bucks for the cause...

Nicholas -

It's a very light beer, pretty reminiscent of a wheat beer (like Grasshopper). I wouldn't recommend it to serious beer drinkers, but if you have a gluten intolerance, it's the only beer you should be drinking.

Oddly enough, I posted about this beer earlier on today (http://www.bolditalic.com/quotulatiousness_archive/001592.html).

Lorenzo Lago -

Looking for non gluten beer, sold here in California. Do you sell your product in California?