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Knut Albert Solem -

I might be wrong, but the Edelweiss is from Austria and not from Bavaria, isn't it?


Alan -

Yumpin' Yoikes! The bottle says:<blockquote><i>Brewed by Brau Union Österreich AG, Hofbräu Kaltenhausen, 5400 Kaltenhausen, Austria.</i></blockquote>You are right.

Knut Albert Solem -

And the Rogue beer is from Oregon, right?
I picked up a few bottles of their ales in London, so I recognized the design.


Alan -

That is it. Which of theirs did you pick up?

Knut Albert Solem -

A smoke beer and a bitter, if I remember correctly. I liked the retro design, and I though they were British brews until I looked closer after I came home. I may try them over the weekend.

Alan -

This comparison concludes after a week of <i>Munichertrüblichnicht</i>...ok, I made that up. Yet, still a loverly assignment I posed to myself.

fletcher -

jesus, 5 dollars for the american beer? how much for the german ones? i'm surprised to hear that they are carried at all in the states. i've been in europe for the year and i have fallen in love with german weisse beer. the two best that i've had were the schneiderweisse (that you reviewed) and paulaner dunkel. i really cannot imagine beer getting any better than that.
but for some reason, where i'm living, erdinger is the most popular. it's most definately a true hefeweissen but i agree, there's not much to it. but if you ever see the erdinger dunkel anywhere, definately try it. it's a really nice beer.

Alan -

Send reviews, Fletcher! You must have access to some micro-ish hefes. BTW, I am in Canada so the five bucks for the Rogue bomb is not out of line. I think it is not far below that when I pop south to CNY.

Chris -

"five bucks for the Rogue bomb is not out of line. I think it is not far below that when I pop south to CNY."

Don't feel bad, even at the brewery they charge $4.50-$5.00/bottle for their beer.

Brodie -

Ok, so a friend of mine says "quite cruising the site and post" - so here I am. I have just recently been introduced to the german and belgian style beers (thanks Alan) so often reviewed here. I'm enjoying the Schneider Weisse as I post this comment and have also tried the Hacker-Pschorr earlier this week - which I loved. I haven't noticed any of the others at the LCBO but will definitly pick them up as I come across them. Do I need to make a road trip across the border for the American beers in the group or were they purchased at the LCBO as well?

Alan -

[Alan to himself: <i>Excellent...my plan is working...now I get to make fun of Brodie in front of the entire planet...</i>]<p>Umm...err...only the Saranac was from over there. The LCBO had a special purchase of hefes last summer like they had Belgian whites the year before. But there would be a better selection in Ithaca. But that is true of most things.

Steve -

Hi, I found this site while looking for info on ways to brew hefe beer. I was stationed in Germany years ago and also fell in love with the hefe's. If you ever get a chance, Maisels Weisse is very good ( my current favorite ) I've tried many other local ( South Carolina ) hefe's but they don't compare to Maisels. I havn't seen any of the beer listed here but if I do find them I'll have to try. Thanks and have a great day.

Rob -

Maisels! now there is a name I've not heard in nearly 20 years, Great Hefe Weizen. I was reminiscing about my days in Bamberg today and thought to do a search on Erdinger as I remember enjoying it quite a bit back in the day and was hoping I could find out some info on getting some stateside. But I digress, I found your beer blog and would have to agree that both the Schneider and Edelweiss are great. Now, if I could just find one of these four around Nashville, I'd be all set!

Mike stationed in Bayreuth 1st sqd 2nd ACR 85-87 -

I lived in Bayreuth GE 85-87, traveled all over Europe particularly Germany and Austria - and had the terrific opportunity to try several Hefe's and Crystaals (I am a little portly) and the thought of putting a Maisels against my lips almost makes me quiver! I wish I could find it here CONUS side. I've been back to Germany 7 times, never stationed in Bayreuth again (Maisels factory is in Bayreuth) and each time I brought a rack back with me and it was gone within a week and I was back to near beer. I got a buddie who moved to Germany - said it was because his wife was German - but I know better ;-)!

Robert -

Try Pauliner's Hefeweissen. Very good balance and is my favourite. When I was in Germany, I often bought Stuttgarter Hofbrau ..having a terrible time finding that in the US though.

marc -

I was stationed in germany and had shofferhoffer weizen and loved it since being back in the states i have been looking for that and only that with no luck any ideas on hwere i might be able to find this awesome weizen in massachusetts ????