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Alan -

I got this press release in the email bag this morning:<blockquote class="smalltext"><center>Woodstock Inn Brewery<br>
Route 3, Main Street<br>
North Woodstock, NH 03262<br>
Scott@woodstockinnnh.com/ www.woodstockinn.com<br>Contact: Scott Rice<br>(603) 745-3951<p>FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE<p>November 21, 2006</center>New Hampshire’s premier White Mountain brewery, the Woodstock Inn Brewery, has garnered yet another accolade for one of its meticulously hand-crafted ales and beers. Pemi Pale Ale, sold as the “pale ale for hop heads”, was recently awarded the top spot in the Best Pale Ale category for the Northeast at the 12th Annual United States Beer Tasting Championships in Buffalo, NY. The USBTC rated a total of 358 beers in blind tastings from 129 breweries.<p>A great place enjoy a pint of Pemi Pale Ale, or any of the other dozen or so regular, specialty and seasonal brews offered by the brewery, is with a great meal at the Woodstock Inn, Station & Brewery. However, beginning this week, Pemi Pale Ale will also be available in 6- packs to compliment good times throughout New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts.<p>Pemi Pale Ale joins the company of other award-winning ales from the Woodstock Inn Brewery such as Pig’s Ear Brown Ale, which won the award for best brown ale in the country in 2004 and 2005, and Loon Golden Ale which received honorable mention from the USBTC this year as well. You can savor Pemi Pale, as well as selection of other fabulous Woodstock Inn brews in the new Mountain Variety 12-pack— watch for it the first week of December!<p>The Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery is nestled in the town of North Woodstock, NH, in the heart of the White Mountains. The 33 well-appointed guest rooms, 2 acclaimed restaurants, and of course the Brew Pub, which consistently offers a premium selection of freshly brewed ales from its seven-barrel brewing system, all add up to a memorable weekend or evening. More information about visiting, dining and enjoying the good life at the Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery can be found at www.woodstockinnnh.com.</blockquote>

Dru -

I went to college a few exits south of the Woodstock Inn and friends and I frequently visited the brewery whenever we had the chance. Great food and great beers, their seasonal Autumn Ale is amazing... defenitly one of my favorite beers!