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Jack CAMRA Vancouver -

Caskival 2 was a great opportunity to sample 20 plus real ales from British Columbia breweries & brew pubs. The people's choice, "The Golden Bung" was awarded to Tim Brown, the brewer at Misssion Springs Brew Pub in Mission, BC for his Stout.

DIX BBQ & Brewery hosts three annual events: an IPA Hopfest in spring, Caskival in the summer, and just before Christmas - the Xtreme Xmas Fest, about 20 ramped up winter beers.

CAMRA Vancouver is proud to co-sponsor these events, but the real credit for their success must go to DIX brewer, Tony Dewald. Tony also hosts a cask night every Thursday with at least one real ale on the bar starting at 5:00 pm. (7:30 pm start on Vancouver Canucks home games nights).

Upcoming Vancouver Beer Events:

CAMRA Vancouver is sponsoring a Beer T shirt night @ DIX on Thursday October 6th, 5pm. Gift certs for Best Men's & Best Women's shirts. All can enter, not just CAMRA members.

On Friday September 30th, the Boys & Girls Clubs of BC sponsor the Autumn Brewmasters Festival from 5pm to 9pm.

jrowed -

Is it possible to start a cottage brewery business in British Columbia? Where does one start and what are the regulatory steps?