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Bagger -

Ver interesting post as I am visiting Calgary from Scotland in a couple of weeks time, then heading across the Rockies to Vancouver. I'll be posting my impressions of the beers and pubs on my blog.

Bagger -

Bagger: Glad to hear it! I was in Scotland in 2003. Yes I suggest very much hitting the "Brew Brothers Brewpub" and trying at least their "Black Pilsner," a swcharzbier that is delicious. And yes, it you want a great selection of Alberta beers, hit that main Willow Park store if you can(heck, when you get here, e-mail me and I can tell you how to get there.) Also downtown Calgary is a speciality beer-bar called the "Hop In Brew," which has a good selection of local Alberta beers, and all good ones at that. If you go to a liquor store, I recommend getting Alley Kat's Olde Deuteronomy Barlywine from Edmonton, as well as most of the local Wild Rose brews, which are delicious. Cheers! (Feel free to email me.)

Neil Wilson -

I have been having a discussion with some friends regarding the possibility of starting a u-brew as is allowed in British Columbia. Does anyone know the laws governing this.

Sean Tubbs -

I wish I could get Big Rock down here in Virginia. I lived in Calgary for a year in the late 1990's, and loved the stuff. Does anyone know if it can be shipped here?

Brian Read -

1. You spelled Alberta incorrectly. It was probably intentional.
2. Wild Rose now has a very inviting and successful taproom in the centre of Calgary. The address is #2, Quesnay Wood Drive, S.W. 403-720-2733. Google Wild Rose to check it out, or show up for the cask at about 4:00 p.m. any Friday. Food is good; beer is exceptional; company is incomparable.

Carly -

Just wondering why the link on the Grizzly Paw takes you to a different brewery located in Michigan? Doesn't seem to fit well with the Alberta concept.

Alan -

Looks like just a little link rot to me. Let me fix that... done.