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Have you read The Unbearable Nonsense of Craft Beer - A Rant in Nine Acts by Alan and Max yet? It's out on Kindle as well as Lulu.

Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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Joe Reed -

You can't go wrong with North Coast.

Alan -

And I have not even posted that review yet...BABY! That is why we all work so well as a team. Sweet Jesus in the straw! Man in China read my mind.<p>[8:49 am. Ed.: <i>I, too, have no idea really what that was supposed to mean.</i>]

Alan -

Eight days after it began, I finally had that Imperial Stout. What a joy.

gr -

Fat Dog is a bodacious beast of a beer. The wife and I split one, and wooohoo! It is like 5 Guinness stouts together, thick enough to hold a spoon. We both taste chocolate and carbon, and maybe molassess too. Like eating a loaf of pumpernickel bread.