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eric st pierre -

do you sell beer,that we don't have in Montreal,Qc, by the bottles, that we can bring home or it's served and drink on the spot?

Alan -

I have no idea what you are asking, Eric. <p>But I was back at the Adirondack Pub & Brewery yesterday and enjoyed myself. I had the Bear Naked Amber, the Blond and a very tangy version of their scots ale. The meal and service were both good on the sort of extremely hot day that could test any staff. Neat to also find this post tacked up in the hallway to the bathroom.

John Carr -

I'm the brewer/owner and I wanted to thank you for stopping by. I have a great staff that does work hard thanks for the feed back, plus they love hearing about us on the web! Lake George is a great area to hike, swim, sail, what ever! Then stop by for a low key beer on the deck. Working on some new beers for the upcoming season, including a dark IPA and double hopped blonde stop in. Thanks again John

Alan -

Hey - thanks for stopping by, John. You are a regular stop on my way to New England.

Homebrewer -

We stopped in for the second year in a row and no quality IPA, and no other beer which the four of us really wanted more than once. I'm sure there are great beers there from time to time but we've been disappointed twice. The staff were wonderful as was the food with the exception of no beer battered onion rings on the menu, which is my personal favorite when visiting brewpubs.

We all tried what the waitress called the "australian" ipa and no one liked the second wave of hop taste from what may have been the nelson hop. Initially the taste was wonderful then overpowered by something which none of us particularly cared for.

We tried several others and were wowed by none. Perhaps it was just a bad time of year, but it's happened twice now. The jury is out on whether we will return next year, as perhaps we just show up at the wrong time of the year.