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Todd -

I would have to say that ANY level of formaldehyde in my beer is too much. It would be interesting to know how exactly it is getting in there. Is it a by product of something the brewery is doing, or are they adding it as a preservative?

anon -

It's a clarifying agent.

Alan -

Innisglass and geletin and irish moss are are "finings" or clarifiers. How does formaldehyde get to replace them?

Tom -

So how do I know what beers contain formaldehyde if they do not list it as a ingredient on the labeling?
Is there a list of non-formaldehyde beers?
What beer is really the best beer to drink?
I prefer German beers and I am considering home brewing.
Is that a good way to go?

Tom -

Came across this article in the Village Voice. Wondering what you thought about it.


Bought some St Pauly Girl last night. It was Ok.


Alan -

Hey Tom,

I noticed that article, too. I used to homebrew a lot and I had planned on making it more of a feature around here. You know, I have never had St. Pauly Girl - which may sound strange it being such a large brand - but I am up here in Canada and when I go south to shop or sip I want to buy local micros. Actually, I arrange my holidays around those trips. Where are you located? Want to post some articles? We are always looking for more nerds.

Tom -

Yeah Cool! I don't know if I would be nerdy enough but it's worth a try! lol Right now I'm in SA TX. There are some local micros around but I don't get out much. Being an artist I mostly camp out at home for days at a time. Usually only go out a couple of times a week. That's why I want to start the homebrew thing. I just don't know if I can produce a good beer here at home. However, considering the risk of formaldehyde I don't think I have much of a choice. Then again formaldehyde is found to be present in many of our household items from furniture to carpet. It's a pathetic situation that I don't understand but I'm sure it has a great deal to do with the greed of the wealthy industrialists and their possible coalition with the pharmaceutical industry. Well so much for the sad side. The good thing is we can drink a good beer if we can find one. I never home brewed beer or made any homemade wine so this will be a new experience for me. So do you still think you want me to post some articles?

Alan -

Sure - we are all about the personal experience aroung here. Email me something when you like at beerblog@gmail.com even if it is merely a short taste test of a Texas micro.

Tom -

When and if ever you get to Texas you might want to try Shiner Bock beer www.shiner.com as it is brewed in Texas. Most people rave about it and they offer several beers. Form Light to Bold whatever you're tastes are they would most likely be a pleaser. Their website offers a Brewery Tour so you can read about the brew process and the originator of the Shiner label. Check it out!

Tom -

OK! So you lazy azzez haven't checked out the web site. If you did you would have responded to the post. Plus you would have noticed that Shiner hosts a Gigantic Event called BOCKTOBERFEST where people from all over the country gather to CELEBRATE BEER! That's not all there will be some great musical venues performing at the event. Not that I'm going to tell you WHO so that you might actually go and visit and find out yourself!!!!
Well I've said enough and so it's time that I get back to my beer. Take care you Lagerheads!!!!

Tom -

Anybody out there?

formababy -

spread the word on this. to all those elite left coast liberals .....tsingtao ain't cheap and now we see they are putting poison in it to save a penny per keg.

Tom -

The article I read claimed that they were at or below the standards for formaldehyde. However, being that I notice everything I touch lately is made in China I have a tendency to think that there is an alliance between China and the wealthy US industrialists whom we all know are more concerned with the almighty dollar than the welfare of the human race. My contention is this, if we drink enough of it we may be well preserved enough as to rival the Kings of Egypt in their tombs. Who knows they might even put me in a giant jar for future observation in a scientific laboratory! Hey! From Dust to Dust from Beer to Beer they don't have beer in Heaven So that's why I drink it here!!!

Tom -

So does anyone know the name of the German beer that is taking claim as the worlds strongest beer with the 3 shot limit or "they will drop like flies". Sounds good! However they also state that the Boston Beer Company who produce Samuel Adams Brand will try to debate the claim of the German Beer. I'm curious to see the outcome of this new beer. Either way my favorite beers are always German anyway aside from the Micro Breweries arond here. If you want a broader variety of Micro Brew and you happen to be in Texas make sure you happen up to Austin where there are numerous micro breweries as compared to other Texas cities. You might want to check out the web with a url that starts with "micro breweries texas" that should bring up a lot of choices. Well talk to you next time.

Tom -

Hey! We need to get more response here! I mean we are talking about Formaldehyde (poison) used for Enbalming and other nasty things! I think if a beer company is going to put Formaldehyde in my beer then they should at least put it on the Label! Don't you think?

Tom -

Hey McLeod! There can be only one!

Brandon And Justin -

Look; so AB and some other good intentioned beer conglomerates might put a little harmless formaldehyde in there beer. It still gets you drunk, it still makes you more interesting, albeit you might feel violated the next morning knowing that you just consumed embalming fluid, but atleast it gives you an excuse for whomever you have just woken up next to.

Chloe Vandenboogart -

Is it true that all American beers use formaldehyde in the fermenting process? Is there a list available somewhere of those beers that have ANY formaldehyde in them and those that do not? (both American and foreign)
Thank you.