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Rick -

For this newbie to a new world of beer (the Black Wych was great with the BBQ Steak tonight) what exactly is a Growler?

Alan -

A half-gallon refillable jug.

Julia -

This place sounds like heaven. I haven't been to a beer store before (US or Canada), but mostly because our grocery stores are adequate or I go right to the microbrew to get what I want. The idea of being able to buy single bottles is a bit of an enticement. Also, most microbrews will fill growlers from other places up for you (if you happened to buy one). I've taken my Custom Brewcrafters growler to several places to get fill-ups. And to take this tangent another place, there's a beer store in Henrietta (Rochester) that has a fine beer selection and draft beer available as well (for growler fill-up). It's been recommended to me by several Rochester microbreweries.

Alan -

Pictures! Reports! Interviews! We need more information on good beer shops.

YardBoy -

Beers of the World in Henrietta/Rochester is one of the best damn beermarts ever, but I haven't noticed they sell growlers. There are many Rochester joints that do sell the half-gallon beauties:
Southtown Beverage (drive-thru),
Custom Brewcrafters (Honeoye Falls),

David Proctor -

Yeah, I've lived in Ithaca for a year now and I just found Finger Lakes Beverage. Heaven! Super-nice people who know and care about thier beer.

Big Bomba -

Used to bounce at Lookers for many years. FLB was a nice clean shop with good selection.

Rebecca -

Ah, but they never seem to have my favorite!- Dixie Lager Blackened Voodoo.Such a shame...

Don Stevens -

I visited this place, I cannot believe how nice Ithaca is. I live in Canandaigua, another finger lakes city.

Durge -

I just enjoyed my first visit to FLBC and can easily vouch for all your accolades here. Friendly folks, well organized and most everything that comes in a six-pack seems available in singles, at a premium price of course. This is so key in the world of micros. Add the growler option and it's just deadly good. Not sure how I escaped under $100. But I will be back next time I get to anywhere near Ithaca. And yes Rebecca, I believe that Dixie was one of the few absent from their shelves, but I can forgive them. My growler of Sly Fox Odyssey, a four-pack of Great Lakes Monsters and a long sought bomber of Boulder's Killer Penguin more than made up for it!