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Tim Campbell -

Great photos. When I played for the Kingston Panthers rugby team in the early 1990's, the Brew Pub was our home base. I had my first Guiness there in fact.

But where's the patio??? It was a raised wooden deck with a canopy, wasn't it? I didn't think they removed the entire structure for the winter.


Alan -

They do in fact remove it all as many bars and restaurants do in winter. It is a lovely spot on a summer evening - as is the outside back courtyard. I will get some summer pics when the time comes.

mkingston -

It's my favourite place to visit. Try the cider...warning: the bathrooms are down an entire flight of stairs so watch your step! hehe

Bob Conway -

The Brew Pub has a special Lunch menu every day, on Thursdays it is a curry which is as good as any that you would have in an Indian restaurant.

There is another thing too, if you order a 60 oz pitcher of their brews you get it cheaper than if you order three seperate pints, - which is convenient for us as there are alway three of us to see it off!

The Brew Pub is to be highly recommended. Go for it!

Bob Conway

Steve A -

I used to hang out in Kingston when I lived in Watertown, NY. I LOVED KBC! (one of my fav t-shirts is my Dragons Breath IPA one).

Do you have their URL? I was trying to tell someone else about the place today and CANNOT find it!


Alan -

I am not sure but I think they have taken down the website.

Tom -

Great Photos Alan!

When I first looked at the pics I suddenly drifted off into a subconscious tangent sitting in the brew pub with a cold Guiness and a freshly made Rueben Sandwich, baked potato side with a crunchy dill.

Ahh! What a combo!

Then poof! I'm back here at the computer with a bottle of spring water and some pretzel stix (UTZ's,the best).

Looks like a must visit place when vacationing! I'll be in NY come December.

The area does resemble upstate NY quite a bit. I haven't been there in a long while but my memories are full of good times. From Woodstock to Cooperstown to Oneonta, Saugerties the Adirondacks and the Catskills. What a trip. At 55 I have a lot to remember. Spent a great deal of time in NYC as well. The Village days Folk City, Bob Dylan, The Pubs and Head shops, an ice cold Moosehead, concerts in Central Park. Bring your blanket, cooler and the 35mm. Well have to go! Till next time!


Alan -

I had lunch there just today, Tom. Only a decaff to provide sustenance, though. Soon the familial babysitters will return so a Friday night might be in order.

Tom -

Are the photos current? I thought I saw some remnants of snow at curbside with one person jogging in shorts and another person wearing heavier threads! So what are the temps ranging right now?

Alan -

That was a thaw in January. Canadians put on shorts as soon as snow melts.

Dave Watson -

I was in Kingston Oct 1st 2005 for Chilliest and stopped in for an Apple Cider. Do you guys bottle or can this elixir for sale so I can bring some home to Oddawa. Please let me know if you sell in Oddawa or if I can come back to Kingston to buy some.

Pat Rivers-Bowerman -

We were just on patrol through Kingston, in New Brunswick, in our ambulance; and my partner found a Dragon's Breath canvas tote-bag at a jumble-sale. Too hard to resist - and which Kingston? So she bought it, and I have hunted it up. And here I am, fervently wishing I was able to stop by for a pint [real pint, 20 oz., right?]after work - how the fame of a great ale will spread....
From an envious Down-Easter.

tom -

HaHa my Uncle is van and he co owns the pub

Tony -

I frequently run 5 day sailing courses starting in Gananoque. When I brief the clients about the itinerary they are always excited about the mandatory evening ashore on Wednesdays consisting of Dragon's breath and dinner in the brew pub. All other aspects of the itinerary are flexible but not the visit to the Brew Pub. It is very conveniently located within easy walking distance of the marina.

Alan -

I was there just last night for the curry special with the whole family. It is even a great place for supper with the kids as well as a pint of their recently expanded selection of Ontario micros like Sgt. Majors IPA or Church-key Holy Smoke. Not quite C'est What but much closer than before.

mandy -

I was recently in Kingston for a few days and the last night there I went to the Kingston Brewing Company with my 10 yr old son. We enjoyed their cream soda and rootbeer made on the premises....best we have ever had!!!! We also enjoyed their FETA Dip. WOW!!!!!! Best thing I have ever tasted. Would love to get the recipe.

Caines -

Traveling from the States to Perth the end of March, will definitely make the drive down to the Kingston Brewing Co. I collect pint glasses with brew logos on them when I travel, do they sell pint glasses with the brewery name or Dragon Breath logo on it?

H Kirkpatrick -

Great pictures. Have you ever heard of their Welly Boot Challenge? Essentially it's a welcome back Spring sort of event, involving the brew masters boot, and beer of course. Check out the podcast / pics here: http://www.kingstonist.com/2008/03/22/the-welly-boot-throw/

Elizabeth Watson Morlog -

[Ed: <i>this comment maker expressed her unhappiness with a meal at the Kingston Brew Pub but as this is not a forum I would suggest you email for follow up.</i>]

Matt Law -

I was in Kingston in September of 2007...our hotel was right next to the Brewpub!While we DID wander a few blocks to Toucans for a pint of Guinness,up to the Pilot House for GREAT fish & chips and a pint of Upper Canada Red Ale,or over to the Speckled Hen for a pint of Labatts 50,we always ended the night at the Kingston Brewing Company,thanks to their fine menu,warm and friendly atmosphere,EXCELLENT service(thanks,Braden Macrae),and their award winning Dragons Breath Pale Ale...I look forward to visiting again soon,and really miss the place-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

dara -

New to the area and loved the brew pub. On an unrelated note, are there any good brew shops near by that sell decent yeast and malted barley?

Bryan Cheung -

I make 6 hour trips from Toronto to Kingston whenever I can JUST for this pub. They serve the most delicious beers I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. My friends all call me a beer snob - after taking them to KBC; they understand. The food is spectacular pub far (especially anything with their signature bbq sauce!), the sercive is great, the atmosphere warm and friendly - there is nothing I don't love about this bar. Heck even their root beer is amazing!

Thank you for sharing the photos. I absolutely love it there.

JT -

Does anyone know where I can get a wooden barrel and cork? I live in Kingston.