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myrick -

As you surmised, the Japanese low-malt beers are pretty bad - though still better than many regular Asian lagers. Japan picked up a rather solid tradition of brewing from the Germans (don't mention the war) and are a rather quality-minded nation. I'll try to pick up a couple of cans for review (though I'm rather late at assembling a couple of other posts, which I will do first.)

Alan -

Myrick is on the job.

Dan -

I was looking forward to the release of the two new beers, one by Kirin and the other Asahi, until I tasted either of them. I was under the false apprehension that they were actually beer, when in fact, they taste like soy-soaked water with a hint of alcohol. I am of Czech lineage and live in Japan, and am very happy with the normal Kirin Lager or Yebisu, which are very much along the same lines as the original Pilsners. However, these "fake" beers, as all my friends call them are nothing like the same as Kirin's regular beer, or even on the same planet as Pilsener Urquell or other classic lagers. What surprises and worries me the most, however, is the fact that most Japanese are amazed that I can tell the difference between the Japanese beers - especially the difference between beer and "happoshu" (fake beer). Why do they produce such decent regular beers if they cannot tell the difference between them and watered down alcoholic soya juice?!

yo -

I thought you might be interested in hearing a Japanese opinion on this topic. I really don't drink that much but I'll give you my dad's reaction to "happoshu" We once bought him a can and he absolutely hated it. He said it tasted so awful it gave him a headache and he's never had one again.