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Alan -

And today, Labatt announced the closure of its Toronto plant: <blockquote class="smalltext">InBev NV, the world's No. 2 brewer, will close its Toronto plant, throwing 265 employees out of work as demand for the company's Labatt brand declines. InBev, which also makes Stella Artois and Beck's, will invest in the main Labatt brewery in London, Ontario, the Leuven, Belgium-based company said in an e-mailed statement. Competition from discount brewers in Ontario, Canada's biggest market, has eroded the market share of Labatt and Golden, Colorado-based Molson Coors Brewing Co. Discounters have introduced ``buck-a-beer'' brands that account for about a third of take-home sales in Ontario. </blockquote>

Debbie@Sheldrick Transport -

Im a lover of beer (Carling & Lakeport)and also work at a family business that specialize in Bulk liquid Food Hauling . We have hauled beer and would be happy to serve the needs of the brewing companies that are looking for a reliable , honest and cost efficiant transpoter. Cheers, Deb

Alan -

That poses an interesting spam dilemma. Is it still spam when it is in the industry?