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Alan -

I really am with you on the sipping. I am too much the old fart to have 3 bottles of 10% in a couple of hours. Plus, the flavours warrant the time being taken. These big Belgians are really much more like wine in that respect. And I can't get over the value proposition. You can buy a 750 ml of 10.5% amazingly complex real ale for under six bucks CND - virtually the best in the world. Conversely, I wouldn't allow a wine at that price anywhere near me or mine. We get sixes of the Unibroue at the Beer Store for only about 12 bucks for 2 litres. Insanely cheap food product for the quality going in.

Alan -

I am a nut for the stuff at the bottom of the bottle but I know what you mean. I think the large bottles age better, too. I have a nice set of different glasses and tend to tall Petrus as opposed to the Chimay's bowl.

Hey thanks for the attention over your blog and consider yourself the correspondent from the South - go photograph beer stores. People think it is very odd to take photos of beer stores. They walk up to you and ask you what you think you are doing. Even on this drive-by of a northern PA drive-through distributor, I thought the guy in the grey t-shirt was going to jump on to my hood.

Alan -

I erroneously added Chimay Blue to the triples rather than these dark strongs. Once I poured I was mortified...well, concerned...ok - I am just going to cross reference, alright?<p>Chimay Blues is a big malty bown ale with nice supportive hops and little in the way of dubble-like big spiciness. A classic expression of the style, smooth with notes of apples and dried fruits, perhaps even a little cinnamon. My bottle was extremely vital, the head blowing out of the bottle as soon as the cap was opened. Mahogany hued with plummy tones, cloudy by the yeast swirled on the last pour. The yeast gives a black rum cake kind of thang to the whole brew. Very nice.

Keith -

The "orange" present in most belgian ales is corriander. This is found in Unibroue's La Fin Du Monde and a lot of other belgians. I did not notice it as much in La Terrible. I was so taken with La Terrible, I brewed 5 gallons of it myself. I just bottled 10 gallons of La Fin Du Monde. I have had good luck with harvesting the yeast from the bottle, so in all likelihood they do not use champaigne yeast to bottle condition their beers like the brewers of Chimay do.

Alan -

I understand that Belgians also use dried Seville orange peel. Coriander would usually accompany it say in a dubbel and also stand alone as the source of citrusiness in, say, white beer.

Tim -

Found 750ml Terrible in Seattle on a brief visit to the QFC at 500 Mercer. Still trying to nail the plum aftertaste as it's puzzling, maybe I'll blame the Sushi that accompanied a few glasses.
Never less an extremely good brew. Warming. Brings a little cheer to the dreary weather today.