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Ale Fan -

I'm wondering which beer this is. I suspect in the UK it's called Organic Ale. One of their big sellers.

Alan -

I am still fighting with this post - forgive the bad HMTL for the next wee while, Ale-Fan.

Tom from Quebec -

I just got this beer tonight, wonderful and interesting flavour, and wonderful historical bottle.. I wondered the same thing about the name, and figured it was also the "organic ale" as on our bottle it does specify that it is organic - also the brewery's website states their organic ale is an "english ale" in the details... probably would be repetitive to call it an english ale in an english market ;-)

Keep blogging on good beer :-D

Eric -

This has become, over the past six months or so, one of my all-time favourite beers. It's got a wonderful tang to it, I don't know how else to describe it. Once I bought their Golden Ale (I think it's called) and it was nice too but I haven't seen it since in the store. This, though, I buy regularly. Great blog!

steve -

it is the organic ale, i live in bungay, where we make it, try and get the others, the ruby red is particularly good...

armeno -

excelent ale. one of my favourites.

Alan -

I picked up a bottle of this today and kick myself for forgetting the best and tastiest session beer that is available here in Ontario.