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Alan -

We ran into the same thing in Poland when my wife bought some beer for a party. I came into the shop after she left and they were all buzzing about the fallen woman from Canada who bought beer. Apparently she should have bought a litre of vodka as any good woman would!

KipEsquire -

Great post! I have repeatedly referred to Pilsner Urquell as "the best mass-produced beer in the world" only to be met with befuddled stares by people unwilling to pay the extra 50 cents to upgrade from Budweiser to Heineken. I know it's owned by SABMiller, but it's nice to know that it's taken seriously even in beer-intense places like Budapest.

Lisa Howard -

Thanks Kip,

This business of whether a woman is 'virtuous' or not given that she drinks beer makes me wonder whether there isn't some German connection. Maybe in the old days you didn't want your girl to take a sudden liking to beer because if she did, she was probably seeing an Ostereicher on the side.

Alan -

I don't know. I think from discussions with Slovak pals that this is very much a Warsaw Pact and east thing. Like men drinking as their wives stood in line for train tickets only to be bumped from the transaction by him when she reached the counter.

Lisa Howard -

Yes, but what makes beer the offending substance? Why isn't all alcohol offensive? It's very strange.

Alan -

Yes - that is exactly it. Do you have the ability to buy straight spirits in Hungary? In Poland that was banned as well. Mmmm - Pepsi and vodka.

Lisa Howard -

Do I have the ability, or does one have the ability to buy spirits? I guess the answer is yes to both. I can buy spirits at the grocery store. Isn't it possible to buy spirits in Poland? Or is the point really that women are not allowed to do so?

Alan -

I meant straight spirits in a restaurant or bar in Hungary. A shot of anything was <i>verbotten</i> or rather <i>zly</i> in Poland.