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martin durkin -

One Day Here At Church Key

Elvis walked in
up the cobweb stairs
and I was stranded there knowing this man
was really dead.
"Give me some of that holy stuff partner"
and he and drank 'er down slowly.
he said, then straightened his glasses.
"Yeah - 24, my long chin hair man"
and I rushed into the stock room
it was cool February evening.

Coming out he was wearing a t-shirt
"I'll wear this next time I visit mama
and take her to church"
then Elvis, well he clunked on down the steps
nodded to my business partner
and that's all I can say of that

But Gawd dammit now
sitting on my stool and
why didn't I use a camera?
Ah what the hell anyway
Elvis is now a myth.
But this place
serves his favourite
way the hell out
in Canadian Campbellford

george -

If Canada's outstanding young poet endorses your establishment, I'll have to pay it a visit. The little guys, whether they brew a good beer or a good story, are usually the gems we need to discover and prize.

Alan -

Seeing that Martin is in fact involved in what I like to call the poetry industry, I have to ask that my HTML editing of the punctuation which did not render well was acceptable. His art, however mangled by me, is well aimed as this is in fact a delightful brewery setting even on the cold winter day I visited. In June it would really be a great place for a visit.

Dorothy Noronha -

Hey...why not come for Church-Key Brewing Spring Revival on May 7th? Great food, great beer, and great live music! No vested interest here...Church-Key is one of MANY reasons we uprooted from Toronto to move to Campbellford 2 years ago. Last year's Spring Revival was our first, and it was a blast!

Alan -

I may well be able to do that. Let us all check our calendars.

Alan -

Had a glass of Church-Key Northumberland Ale at Atomica in Kingston this evening. Very nice.

Don Leslie -

Do you have any Holy Smoke 'in house'? I am travelling to the area on Friday 27th and would like to pick up a 24.

Alan -

Me or the brewer? You can't come to my house and take my beer. That is hardly fair. I am sure the brewer has some, though. He always does.

Brett -

Had your beer this thanksgiving, was the absolute greatest. Not too sure if the fine weather had anything to dowith it. However was at a resturant in Hasting.

Please I bag of you let me know where I can find this product in the Toronto area, I have spoke very highly of Church Key and wish to share some with friends.


p.s. please let me know my options. brett_cullum@hotmail.com

Alan -

Check at C'est What near that triangley building or Volo on Yonge. You should find Church-Key on tap there.

B.S. -

get a couple growlers, there is enough in them for a small get together