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Dimitar Vesselinov -

1. I'm Bulgarian.
2. I love good beer.
3. We increased our beer consumption because of the massive advertising.

See wikipedian on Bulgaria's beer and national culture.

Alan -

Excellent fact! Why the fall drop-off, it is a seasonal thing? I suppose general consumption would move to wine. <p>Remember Sofia brand plonk? That was good plonk.

Vance Petrunoff -

Please visit BulgarianBeer.com for more information on all Bulgarian brands. Cheers

james romanow -

I was in Bulgaria last summer and did my bit to increase consumption during the summer. Judging by the growing tourist trade, a large section of which are imporverished backpackers who tend to a) drink even me under the table and; b) can only afford beer; I would guess tourism is the missing link.

As far as I'm concerned you can survive in BG quite nicely once you master the words "Zagorka! Big!" holding your hands about a foot apart,as you speak. (and yes I know there's better brews there but Zagorka is a pretty good beer and it's hugely distributed.)

Alan -

All my Bulgarian correspondents have a solid grasp on the facts.